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April 6-19, 2014 : Some photos of the flowers starting to bloom in front of the shop.
Daffodils, Jonquil, and Tulips planted Winter 2012-13. Truly a sign that Spring is here!
Starting with an introductory video showing the view from our front porch. A bit drab in Winter, but will definitely get more lively as the year wears on. Check back here for additional videos and photos. Entries below are in order of most recent on top and earlier ones below.
February 11, 2014 : Actually got enough snow for it to stay on the ground for a few days. Took this video looking off the front porch, and that's as far as I got into the snow. Strangely, there was nobody on the highway until I started filming.
Then, several showed up, making it look a lot busier than it actually was that snowy day.
March 1, 2014 : View of the fire that destroyed to Mentone Springs Hotel (1884-2014), the oldest hotel in Alabama and the White Elephant Galleries next door. This view is from our porch, about 1/3 mile from the fire.
See more details on the News & Events page.
April 6, 2014: Our front garden with our Post Office in the background. Truly a sign that Spring is here!April 6, 2014: Some Daffodils and Jonquil that were planted in the Winter of 2012-13.April 6, 2014: Another closeup to show our beautiful purple Tulip.April 19, 2014: A few more flowers have come up, including some gorgeous Tulips.April 19, 2014: Some other strange little wildflowers have been added.April 19, 2014: Our front porch, with the Azalea bush just about to bloom.
August 2012 : The World's Longest Yard Sale starts in Michigan, continues over 700 miles down to Gadsden, Alabama, passing right in front of our house. Below are photos of our yard sale activities in August 2012.
Read more about it and see more photos in my Retirement-Tips Travel Log Chapter 90.
Wednesday: Sale doesn't officially start until Thursday, but many early birds are out selling and shopping on Tuesday and Wednesday.Wednesday: View of our front porch before things really got busy.Wednesday: View looking out from the porch on the East side, where about a dozen or so sellers set up.Wednesday: Looking from the porch across the highway, where about 10 set up.Thursday: Our yard all set up ready to go, but not really time for the crowds yet.Thursday: Closer view of our yard/porch.Friday: Sale is in full swing and this is the lady selling hand made soaps. In foreground is our $1 table, which sold out quickly.Friday: Vendors across the highway also set up and busy.Friday: We had 5 vendors in our yard ... here you see three.Friday: Notice the 18-wheeler log truck going by - traffic continues as usual on Friday, but snarls up pretty much on the weekend.Saturday: Plenty of people, plenty of traffic.Saturday: We had a friend doing massages in the yard, for those who are just "plumb wore out".
October 2010 : Autumn is one of the more beautiful times of the year up here on Lookout Mountain, Alabama.
Below are some of the colorful views from our front porch.
Looking directly out front toward the highway, with a colorful oak (?) that lives in our front yard.Looking eastward across the field next door.Our porch, decorated for the Fall season.Not really from the porch, but over on the West side of the house. This is the huge Holly tree that puts out bunches of red berries every Winter.Behind the Holly is a huge Pine tree, reportedly planted by the first occupant of our cabin in the 1930's.
April 26, 2014 : Spring in Mentone - Flowers, trees turning green, bushes blooming, bikers galore enjoying our highway, and some welcome warm temperatures.
August 3, 2014: One week before World's Longest Yard Sale
August 9, 2014: Saturday Morning (on left) and Afternoon (on right) at World's Longest Yard Sale
August 12, 2014: Two Days after the World's Longest Yard Sale
October 29, 2014: Two days before Hallowe'en on a Foggy morning
February 26, 2015 : The Big Snow of 2015
Bicycle saved after the Mentone Springs Hotel fire
Our front sidewalk
Looking South across AL Highway 117
Looking West toward "uptown" Mentone
Looking East
March 27, 2015 : Spring is Here!
Flowers blooming! Some Jonquil planted Winter 2012-2013 that keep coming up every year.
We mowed down the garden around the tree last fall, but here they come again. Amazing!
May 9, 2015 : Second Saturday Art Market
The Mentone Area Arts Council came up with the idea to set up a free art market across from our gallery, to be active on the second Saturday of each month. Below are two photos of the May 9th event - see more info on
May 16-17 : Rhododendron Festival
At the annual 3rd weekend in May Rhododendron Festival, one of the many activities was the horse and carriage ride around Mentone. Below right is a short video showing some visitors getting a slo-o-ow view of our town.
October 17, 2015 : Colorfest
Colorfest is an annual event in Mentone, every year on the 3rd weekend in October. It's intended to celebrate the fall colors and includes music, art, food, games, and other entertainment. The art exhibits are on the brow and visitors there park in the brow parking lot. When they come downtown, they park where they can find space, many ending up across from our porch. Below are a couple of videos showing the crowd, first at 10 am then later at noon. Many agreed that this was the biggest crowd we've had for any event ever.