Grand re-Opening 2011
Friday-Monday, July 1-4, 2011
Art Gallery @ Mentone
"Fine Art from our Home to Yours"
Grand re-Opening 2011

The Grand re-Opening started at noon on Friday, July 1st, as planned. We continued through Sunday, as planned, then opened Monday, July 4th, mainly because we still had food to serve, the balloons out front were still inflated, the red/white/blue flowers were still blooming, and we had a little bit of energy left.

The refreshments were great and lasted Sat-Mon. If you've recently been to the Farmer's Market in Town Center on Wednesday or Saturday, you have undoubtedly sampled some of Roger' s Real Homemade Hummus. Roger Brownfield makes nine flavors of Hummus, plus a variety of other organic and healthful delights. Roger also does baked goods, ethnic deserts, and small event catering. We left the refreshments entirely in his hands and they turned out even better than expected - carrot cake muffins, two kinds of chocolate chip cookies, two kinds of meatballs, hummus, and some little sausages wrapped in bacon ... yum!

On Saturday, Linda Bassett came up from Pell City and displayed her pottery on our front porch. Lots of beautiful things to see and buy. Click her name on the menus to see her work.

We had visitors sign our guest book all 3 days, then held a drawing at 3:00 on Sunday to give away the beautiful original Joyce Hoffman painting Sunflowers of Mentone, shown above. The winner was Valinda Miracle from Valley Head, Alabama, and we awarded $5 coupons to the rest of the entrants.

Below are some photos of the festivities and related stuff.

Joyce and Bob Hoffman
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Contributing Artists

Robert & Joyce
P. O. Box 321
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Mentone, AL 35984

Sunflowers of Mentone

An original watercolor by Joyce Hoffman, awarded to the winner of our drawing.
Some views ot the gallery - (enlarge for detail). I intended to take similar photos when people showed up,
but every time it got crowded I got busy, so no time for photos.
The Mentone Area Arts Council (MAAC) had their Mid Summer Art Show this weekend. Above is a view of the displays by the Mentone Inn. Below are two views, one of the booths in front of the Mentone Springs Hotel, and the other looking down to the Mentone Inn side.  CLICK ANY PHOTO TO ENLARGE
One of our more interesting visits during the weekend was from a group of girls from Camp Desoto, which is a few miles East of Mentone (click their name to view their amazing website).  These girls were interviewing folks in Mentone to get views of local people on how it is to live here, changes they've seen in their lifetime, and a number of other questions of interest to girls 8-16. They interviewed Joyce, filmed the interview, then later invited us to the camp Sunday evening to watch the film and have dinner with them. The film was very entertaining and dinner with the ladies was an interesting experience. Joyce and I really enjoyed it and Joyce got a bunch of photos of the girls -- some are shown below. CLICK ANY PHOTO TO ENLARGE

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